ZOS enables context-aware communications and interactivity for mobile devices.

ZOS helps our customers solve the problem of how to deeply understand the behaviors of their broad, mobile customer base and enable them to engage those customers with hyper-local, contextually-relevant content. We help solve this problem by providing an accurate and flexible location data platform on which to build this intelligence and engagement.

Our mission is to ensure relevant and useful user experiences in a world of information overload.

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Empowering context‑aware relationships.

ZOS Hybrid Location combines the best of on-device technology with the powerful, flexible cloud intelligence to drive action to the right audience at the right time.

Hybrid Location:
The best of both worlds.

The Gold Standard of Location Data

ZOS captures mobile location data from all possible sources and determines which is the most accurate. Outdoor capabilities include proprietary GPS, a-GPS, and Network Location. Indoor functionality offers highly targeted Wi-Fi access points, Bluetooth beacons, and emerging technologies.

The result? The most accurate location data for mobile apps in the world.

Location and Proximity Optimization

It’s one thing for an app to know where something is. It’s another to equip it with the ability to know if it’s near something else. ZOS enables you to do both. Optimize your app and enterprise’s capabilities with the power of location and proximity.

Future-Proof Development

GPS, Wi-Fi, iBeacons...oh my! ZOS simplifies mobile app development with a single, flexible SDK that insulates the developer from the intricacies of today’s devices and sensors – and tomorrow’s.

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Contextual Triggering:
Always be in-the-moment.

Right Message, Right Context

Unleashing the true power of mobility lies in making our devices a more seamless part of our daily life. And like any meaningful interaction, timing and context are key.

ZOS Contextual Triggering ensures that the right action always arrives within the right context. And when actions and context frequently change, the agility of the ZOS API enables your system to adapt in real-time.

Robust Geofencing

The power of context-aware devices lies in the success of its geofencing capabilities. Whether you’re creating an app requiring a large, singular geofence or numerous constantly-changing geofences, ZOS scales to let you focus on creating your ideal user experience.

The ZOS API enables an unlimited number of dynamically defined geofences – circles, complex polygons, or even 3rd party shape files – ensuring that your app always finds its ideal audience.

ZOS Contextual Triggering enables the right action in the right context.

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Location Data Platform:
Add context to your big data.

Make Your Big Data Strategy Even Bigger

To deliver on the promise of location-based services, you need more than just lat/long location data. ZOS provides the rich set of contextual data that lets you extract key insights from your mobile apps. From highly accurate location and proximity, to detailed device-level information, ZOS differentiates your Big Data strategy.

Agile API Integration

Big Data is a big deal at ZOS, which is why ZOS has been built to be integrated with complementary data from the ground up. Use our robust API’s to layer the cornerstone ZOS data set with other data and start executing your Big Data Strategy.

The ZOS Location Data Platform fills in the missing pieces of your Big Data strategy − the “when” and the “where”.

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Why Zos

  • Overview

    Expertise that reflects our evolution

    ZOS has evolved from a social applications developer and geospatial science think tank to a formidable Platform-as-a-Service and API/SDK solution provider. With three global offices, we support a range of enterprises and organizations which has endowed us with a commanding understanding of mobile operating systems, application enablement, and location-based services.

  • Advantages

    Why ZOS over other marketplace solutions

    • Broad device and carrier compatibility
    • Highly accurate, indoors & outdoor location determination
    • Powerful geofencing capabilities
    • Flexible automated location-triggered routines
    • Simplified integration across any deployment
    • Enterprise-grade scalability and reliability
  • For Enterprise

    Discover the value of context-aware devices

    In a world of information overload, better unified communications and more powerful data are what drive efficiency. But you can’t always afford to wait for quarterly data. The ZOS solution provides scalable solutions and actionable insights that can be the difference-maker for any enterprise.

  • API

    Unleash the power of cloud-based applications

    ZOS remains at the apex of wireless, application enablement, and location-based services due in large part to our mastery of mobile operating systems and API evolution. Cloud services have arrived, making the value of an API expert something no organization can ignore.

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